Collaboration in a Group Using Creative Exercises!

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Here you can take part in 10 cards with various group-strengthening cooperation exercises. Exercises are a good way to bring safety work to life in the classroom. Here, those who work in elementary schools will find material with exercises for students in the entire elementary school from year 1 to year 6.


The exercises included are:

Line up after

Which animal in the zoo am I?

The card game

Ring exercise.

Hoola hooparound

The name game

The knot of friendship

The flying carpet

I am good at…

The chair snake


Working with attitudes, values ​​and civil courage is part of the school’s mission. In Lgr22 and Gy11, it is clear that everyone who works in the school must oppose discrimination and abusive treatment of students. All staff must contribute to ensuring that the entire school is characterized by the equal value of people, equality and solidarity. The school must also work to ensure that the students have knowledge of their rights, that they distance themselves from abusive treatment and look out for the best interests of other people in their actions. This at the same time as differing values, perceptions and problems must be discussed openly.

Doing exercises with students is a way to achieve the curriculum goals linked to norms, values ​​and attitudes.


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